Why Some Sellers Get Banned in Amazon Europe

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Around 200,000 sellers are selling in Amazon Europe. But some of them, unfortunately, get their accounts flagged. While it can sometimes be from their own mistake or wrongdoing, sometimes it’s just a small policy that they neglected and then paid the price for it. After talking to a few sellers who got their accounts banned, we found out the top 3 reasons why this happens:

1. Violation of Amazon TOS

Following the applied terms and conditions is vital in every endeavour, and the Amazon marketplace is no exception. If a seller is found to be breaking the laws specified by Amazon, they will be blacklisted – and their products are completely removed from Amazon. Many sellers take desperate measures like blackhat SEO methods or abuse the Amazon Reviews and Feedback system to get more sales. If caught, Amazon can put your account down – which leads to a lot of stress and loss in your business. To prevent this, avoid using these methods as much as possible. Be a genuine seller – Amazon will help you grow.

Accounting & VAT Blogs for Amazon & E-Commerce Sellers UK/EU

2. Forbidden Products

Many sellers do not do legal and market research properly. As a result, they only find out about the regulations later on. But Amazon, due to its policy, terminates the accounts leading to severe issues. So, get a proper legal check done by an expert before finalising the product you are planning to launch on Amazon. Any item that can be potentially suspicious for the Amazon algorithm or a product that’s associated with a potential risk of getting flagged by the consumers should be avoided at all cost. Also, the law varies according to the country you pick, so make sure your products follow the code specified the government of that particular country.

3. Poor Customer Service

Customer service is the key to a buyer’s heart. If your aftersales support is competent and satisfactory, you will gain a lot of customers for your business. Many sellers ignore this simple fact and won’t reply back to the emails or won’t pick up the calls – this leads the customers to publish negative reviews. Amazon is very sensitive to the reviews posted by customers. A lot of negative reviews and feedback can lead to suspension of the seller’s account. This is a very vital part of every business, yet most people do not pay attention to this and suffer later in their business.

While the first and second reason listed requires you to take precaution and proper research — a task that can only be performed only by the seller — we are here to help you with the third issue – Customer Service.

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