Why You Should Expand Your Business in UK and Europe

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Accounting & VAT Blogs for Amazon & E-Commerce Sellers UK/EU

Every entrepreneur knows that there should be a target market for your products and services. It is also important to execute a well thought out and studied strategy for your business in order to be successful. While it is inevitable to experience times where your sales revenue is slightly lower than what you would have wanted, expanding to different locations like Europe might be an excellent idea to ensure that your business is earning more – or steadily, at the very least.

Here are a few reasons why expanding your business in UK and Europe is an excellent venture.

1. Europe is one of the biggest markets.

A study by Mintel claims that 86% of the British people are Amazon users and shoppers. And the rest of Europe is home to one of the biggest E-Commerce Markets in the world; it’s estimated that the whole European continent is one of the top 5 biggest E-Commerce market in the world.

Being available to the British and European markets will guarantee to increase your sales revenue. It may sound costly and difficult, but with the help of Sterlinx Team of Professional Lawyers and Amazon Accountants, we can make your expansion easier.

Accounting & VAT Blogs for Amazon & E-Commerce Sellers UK/EU

2. Fulfilment is now easier than ever before.

With Sterlinx’s Fulfilment Services, we guarantee that your operations run efficiently and professionally. We ensure that your warehousing, storage, picking, packing, and delivery are fulfilled. We ensure that all your back-end operations are taken care of. We offer a variety of warehousing options which help you with your sales and expand your brand in several countries.

Sterlinx also offers a solution for customer returns should if they are not satisfied with their purchase. Expanding your market may sound intimidating due to the lack of manpower and connections but here at Sterlinx, we believe that your business deserves to grow beyond its borders.

3. You can sell in Europe without having to be there.

Unlike before, when brick-and-mortar establishments were the only way for a customer to purchase a product, the digital world — along with the significant and rapid advancement of technology and resources — has made product purchase easier for both the consumer and the seller. Convenience and efficiency are now enjoyed by both parties thanks to E-Commerce.

You need not be in UK or Europe to sell your products, nor do you need to have a physical office structure to operate there. With the help of Sterlinx, your business address is taken care of once you sign up with us – your new office or headquarters will be based in Liverpool. You can maximise this feature as letters, mails, and other relevant documents are forwarded to you and your new business address is under the name of your company.

Operating in Europe and UK can be done anywhere in the world. Sterlinx’s mobile app and web portal can be accessed in your own devices. You will be instantly notified when you’re sent an important letter that’s addressed to you; notifications are also there to constantly update you in case you’re out or on a vacation. Overall, selling in Europe doesn’t mean that you have to be in Europe yourself.

Geographical limits is now a thing of the past thanks to Sterlinx. Sign up now to get your business growing.

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