Why You Should Start Selling on Amazon in Europe

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Expansion is crucial for any business.

It is evident that companies who choose to expand their services display growth. Thanks to the rise of technology and its influence in our daily lives, e-Commerce platforms are acting as a gateway to the internationalisation of businesses.

Europe has been proven to be one of the biggest marketplace for countless businesses. E-Commerce Platforms like Amazon provide an excellent opportunity for every merchant to broaden their customer base in countries covered by Europe. But apart from internationalisation, there are other benefits that come with having your products and services available at Amazon and its Marketplace.

There are many reasons why expanding your business in Europe with the help of e-Commerce platforms are a great option. Here are a few of them.

Low Competition

The biggest challenge for a business is competition. With so many other companies selling the same products and offering the same services, it can be difficult for you to stand out. One solution to this is to expand your services and market your products in Europe.

Amazon is available to 250 million people in five of the biggest European countries alone. This makes Europe an ideal place to market your products because not only is it home to a growing population, Europe is also only seeking services from 200,000 sellers. It is a significantly small portion of the total number of sellers worldwide — which is estimated to be around 2 million.

Most entrepreneurs shy away from expanding to Europe as they think that sticking to the Western market is a better option. Since the United States and the rest of North America are bigger countries, many believe that it’s home to a greater population — which they believe can help them sell their goods more successfully.

However, companies who expand their business in Europe are proven to be thriving more in terms of profit compared to those who remain to sell in US and its neighbouring countries. One thing that needs to be considered before expanding to Europe is the cultural difference between the US and the European market. Customers and their expectations and terminologies vary from one country to another. There are minor differences in the language and traditions that should be addressed. If you plan to sell sneakers in the UK, labelling them as ‘’trainers” would be more suitable as it’s the common and more recognised term – these small details have a significant effect on the sale of products.

Accounting & VAT Blogs for Amazon & E-Commerce Sellers UK/EU

Increased Potential for Profit

Another advantage of marketing your products on Amazon is you can target the European audience which can give you the opportunity to sell at a higher profit. Because Brexit has brought a big change in the markets of the UK and the rest of Europe, the retail sales profits have increased sharply in all the European markets — in the UK, Amazon was the most used platform.

Recent study shows that an average shopper in the UK tends to spend more annually compared to the US shoppers – which makes Europe a great place to expand because a customer base that’s 230 million greater than the US is evidently a bigger market. That’s also why Amazon is the preferred e-Commerce platform because it can show you the true potential of your business with its worldwide coverage.

A Growing Market

Since the fall of the US market in the recent years, merchants have been seeking a change that can guarantee a steady profit. This makes the European market a great alternative because aside from the United States’ decline, there has also been a steady growth rate of 18% in the UK and European online markets; this clearly proves the potential that the Amazon market has.

Stepping into a growing market is always beneficial. Selling your goods to a demographic that’s still developing is an excellent strategy that can help you increase the value of your brand. One of the ways that you can get a competitive advantage in the online marketplace is to gather reviews from your customers. Selling your products before the market fully flourishes gives you the advantage of getting better reviews before your competition – which increases your chance of selling exponentially.

Amazing Amazon Support

Amazon is known worldwide for its reliable and efficient support for both merchants and customers. That’s why it is the most popular e-Commerce platform all over the world. Amazon offers a lot of tools and round-the-clock support for merchants to help them establish their business online. This is vital for every company who sell online because the assistance provided by Amazon can help scale the business quickly and more effectively.

For customers, 24/7 support means reliability and trust. As online shopping is still not trusted widely, only a valid customer service will make customers feel less reluctant to place an order. This is something that Amazon prioritises, and they are always willing to help the business and provide a smooth transaction as often as possible.

Most sellers currently have a fear of worldwide expansion when they think about cultural barriers, extra taxes, technical complications, and other legal obligations. These factors may look intimidating, but companies like Sterlinx can provide a wide-range of services from our Professional Lawyer and Amazon Accountants that can help you with your worries when it comes to expansion.

If you wish to start expanding your business so you can sell and offer your services and products to the European market without all the trouble that usually come along with it, contact Sterlinx so you can book a consultation that can address your concerns.

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